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Report - Abandoned hospital Belgium


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Very short and sweet :thumbgot any more pics ?

As @ZerO81 suggests some History /info about the place would be helpful, even for code named Euro Derps etc

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code name i dont know, its only abandoned for a few months now, i think they gonna demolish it
more pics will follow, my girlfriend made more


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Pointless not giving it a name, there are enough clues there to find the place, took me about 10 minutes. The hospital was spread over three campuses and they decided to scale back and offer all the services from just two sites. They started moving patients out in June 2015. Other reports are naming it "Sick Hospital".

Some good pics here, and one of the few urbex videos I actually enjoyed watching. Very well shot.


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found it to :) real name is andré dumont hospital... i dont really care about names ect... hehe i just take pics :) and its close to my place

Jim Sullivan

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I really like the closeup of the leather straps. Creepy. It always freaks me out when I go into a place and find that it still has power. One time I went into an abandoned hospital that still had lights on and accidentally tripped an alarm. Fortunately I got out without any police showing up.

Another time I explored a different abandoned hospital and tripped a silent alarm. When I got out, I was apprehended by 7 police officers. It was crazy! Fortunately they let me go without even giving me a fine. They did handcuff me, though. First time I've ever been in handcuffs.