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Report - Abandoned House, Bristol, June 2017


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After discovering there was a tremedously decayed derelict house close to where I lived, I decided to visit.

This house (Name unknown) located just off of Yate Road inbetween Iron Acton and Yate, has been sitting empty for 19 years.

The place was owned by an elderly couple for many years before becoming vacant in the late 90's. The house was purchased around 8 years ago, according to local sales records of the surrounding area, however was never worked upon.

The building is in a state of complete disrepair and I feel very privileged to have been able to visit the place before it finally succumbs to nature, and collapses.

Sadly I was not with my wide angle lens, so a 50mm had to suffice!

Firstly - The outside.



As you can see - The building is being completely consumed by the surrounding plant life - The building looks to have been rendered originally, in a white render - however the years of decay have made the front side of the building expose the brick work underneath.

The Inside

The Inside ground floor has been taken over also by the plant life - the carpets and floorboards are all gone by this point, and the ceiling is now what coats the floor. There is a traveller park next door to the building, and it seems that they use the house as a handy trash can and also a way of hiding power cables, siphoning off from the grid.







The wallpaper, peeling on every wall - small mementos scatter the chaotic floors.
The front door, laying in what can only be assumed as a dinning room.


As per usual, I decided to climb up some stairs that were dodgey, to say the least... Needless to say, I did manage to get upstairs, even though I may have almost falled through the staircase in doing so.









As you can see - There were many treasures to be found on the upper level. The roof has completely caved in, and it seems that small nic-nacs that have been stored in the attic for many years have found themselves lying on the floor, soaking wet.

I think the main attraction to the upper floor was the light. The shadows created by the support struts really helped show this place as what it really is. A beautiful home, ravaged by decay.

I really enjoyed this search and I hope more people can visit the place before it finally topples over. I do regret not having my wide angle lens on me, but it isn't the gear that matters - it is the subject, and I just hope my very basic equipment has done this place justice.

I hope you have liked this report, and I would love to hear your feedback.
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Many treasures upstairs?
There were a lot of broken plates, old bags, toys, a Walkman, a radio and a few sweaters from what I could distinguish.

I didn't venture too far into the rooms upstairs (4 in total) as the floors where sketchy as hell. So I am sure there are more treasures to be found within them - but they will likely be found by someone who has slightly larger testicles than myself.

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