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Report - Abandoned House - Stoke - July 2017


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28DL Full Member
Found this place, travelling from the cloud in Congleton towards Stoke. Wasn't even looking, but finding this has now got me into exploring & photographing more places.
Few smashed windows on the outside, not done by anyone though, they are falling apart. Inside are loads of personal belongings. Food is dated in the 90s still in the cupboards. Furniture & carpets still there, even medicines!

Hope you like my photos & there will be more to come soon plus a video.

Feel free to PM me.

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Interesting looking place, well done persevering with the report :thumb

I don't upload to 28DL from Flickr, but I'd say you could probably use a slightly larger image link, were the links Medium? There was once 2 medium sizes on Flickr, the larger was the better option.

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