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Question - Abandoned house


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See this house today in dungannon while working would love explore it does anyone know or have any information on it



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Not sure this is gonna end well.
Not with you two bell ends leaving you’re usual shit all over the floor.

OP - If that place floats your boat go for it man.

I don’t suppose there will be much intel for you from anyone on here but that’s why it’s exploring huh. You might find something worth the effort.


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Its a shitty residential derp; theres probably fuck all inside other than soggy carpets, jazz mags and a framed photo of someones nan.

If thats what turns you on (and if it is thats totally fine, I like mines which some people think is ludicrous!) then knock yourself out.

Your best source for information with something like this is to, unfortunately, go inside or pop down the council record offices.

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It can't hurt to have a peek inside if you're curious but don't expect anything good.

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