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This lab is an abandoned laboroatory complex within the National University of Ireland, I have put it in the 'Other Sites' as its not really industrial. Also its not really a UK site being in Southern Ireland, so if it is thought it should be in the International Sites then just let me know.

The National Diagnostics Centre was opened in the mid 80s by Bioresearch Ireland (now Enterprise Ireland) as a facility to research and manufacture diagnostic kits to the medical and veterinary world. It developed over the years into a more purely research based laboratory independent of the main university. It was hit with controversy in 2004 when there were suggestions that the NDC has misdiagnosed several genetic tests for which it provided a service


In 2007 a decision was made to close the centre with the research staff being transferred to Enterprise Ireland offices or to other labs within the university, this transfer was completed in 2009. Planning permission for a new 4 storey human biology building was granted in 2009 on the site of the NDC and demolition of this building is due to start in early May 2010.

This was a fairly soft solo explore and it is wheelchair access. At one point I did get freaked by the sound of voices but realised I was close to an external wall which faces one of the universities ATMs. After taking a few shots I broke my tripod (in two places) and so all the following shots were taken as hand shots using flash which I didn't plan on.

Although the lab is fairly trashed by builders etc it is unchaved and home to some nice laboratory 'porn' if that is your sort of thing.

On with the photos:

1. NDC:

2. Outside of building:

3. Entrance to laboratory area - notice the high quality workmanship by the painter:

4. Main lab fairly much stripped away of all benching etc:

5. Internal walls stripped and stacked:

6. Waste bottles of various nasty looking stuff:

7. This room was some sort of glassware store - alas all glassware has now been removed

8. This is a smaller lab and had been converted into a student health centre whilst other renovations were going on on site

9 So on with the laboratory porn - first off a lonely microcentrifuge

10. Wash up sink with various half filled bottles

11. Not too sure Health and Safety would approve of this use of a sharps bin

12. Heat sealer trying to commit suicide being watched by a magnetic stirrer

13. In the darkroom was this manual developing bath used for developing X-ray film. This room was rank and the inside of the developing baths was very nasty and home to some interesting looking mold.

14. At the very front of the building was a still functioning walk-in cold room with a few bottles of what looks like blood still on the shelves

15. This bit of kit was originally used for freeze drying liquid samples

16. Still trying to work out what use a teapot would have in a lab

17. This does exactly what it says on the tin

18. Seems as if the university is using the building as some form of storage as several rooms you just could not get into as they were stacked with chairs and desks. This is like the anti-shot to the usual single chair shot.

19. OK, so just because the bit of tape says it is now safe - would you still want to go in there ?

20. So leaving the lab area there is an office/admin area


21. Finally the lab manager had the biggest office on the upper floor

I have more photos and larger versions of all of these on my Flickr Site

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