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Report - Abandoned Lincoln Cinema & Theatre

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Visited last night with Silvefoxxx.

I Pass this fella everyday, and always wondering if it was possible?
This is a very sensitive site... part of the building is still being used and security is very high! (Including PIR and CCTV).

Like a few of you on here who have enjoyed recent mooches to cinema's & theatre's... It was certainly one of our most enjoyable visits;)

Pics Here...:D


Re: Abandoned Lincoln Cinema & Theatre REPORT

Been a bit quiet on the urbanfootprints front just recently.

Alot of planning been going on, and these plans are slowly coming to fruition, as this report shows.

Anyone from Lincoln or the local area is bound to recognise its location which we have deliberately left out, due to the sensitive nature of the site as mentioned by sixxfingers above.

Managed to gain access and had a thorough look around even though security is very tight (with PIR’s and CCTV all over).

Brought back all sorts of memories from the old days when it was a working cinema and theatre with this prior knowledge in hand finding our way around was quite straight forward.

In total visited the bar area, staff rooms (which we had not seen before), washrooms, the only remaining auditorium (there were three in the past), projection room and finished off with a visit to the roof to enjoy the views across the city.

The pics should tell the rest of the story...