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Lead or Rumour info - Abandoned Mill Cottage in Hornchurch


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Heya. Recently I found out about a cool little abandoned mill cottage hidden by dense woodland, in Hornchurch (Havering). And when I say hidden, I don't just mean "oh here's a barely noticed road that leads to it", I mean " you have to search around avoiding nettles and suspiciously placed branches to find it".

There was an article about a couple weeks ago, which is how I found out about it. It's from the 17th century, with 19th century elements if the writer is correct.

I went to visit it myself, but weren't able to find it. I know where it is, since I did see it when I was heading back out of the woodland. I wrote a report on it, but it isn't quite up to standard to post on here, since it only has one picture and it isn't of the cottage, it's of what I've been calling a "fae bath". The report lives as a google doc currently. I've linked it because it has information that could be useful to anyone who decides to explore.

But, yeah. If anyone wants to explore an abandoned mill cottage from the 17th century, there's one in Hornchurch. (If you want me to tag along to show you where I saw it, I'll be more than happy to. As long as you don't wanna go this Saturday or on a Thursday, haha.)