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Report - Abandoned Northumberland Care Home- January 2019

Alice o123

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
When trying to find new abandoned places to explore, I was filled in about this location by someone. It was an abandoned specialist care home for the elderly and disabled with specialist mobility needs.

History on this place is sparse but I do know that it closed around the time of 2015 due to poor inspection reports, poor hygiene and outdated facilities for the residents.

The site is currently sold to new owners who plan to go ahead with demolition very soon and develop on the old site.

Below are some photos from my explore of the building:


A skylight.


The television in the main living room.

Specially adapted bath.


View of the top corridor from the main staircase.

Top corridor view with the yellow hue.

Overall, it was a good explore. The building has mainly decayed naturally with little vandalism present. The colours of the walls on the top floor provided brilliant photo scenes as the yellow paint from the walls and the light from the sun blended together beautifully to create a nice yellow hue in the top corridors; a truly beautiful sight.