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Report - Abandoned ODEON Cinema - Northend, Portsmouth.


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ODEON Cinema - Northend, Portsmouth.

I'm a photography addict and am fairly new to Urban Exploration. I find it so interesting to see history of places you either visited as a child or places so old like WW2 shelters.

Me and a friend decided to visit the old Abandoned Odean Cinema in Portsmouth, our hometown. Entry to the grounds isn't particularly difficult, just a jump over a tall wall then down through lots of thorns, nettles and old barb wire. Entry to the cinema is a little more tricky. There are two areas I know of, from looking on YouTube videos and other photographer's websites. One entrance on a small roof (just a climb up and over a wall with a metal fence on top), leads to the flooded area of the cinema underground. The floors are dangerously seeping with mould and water from underneath every step you take. They are going to break very soon. This area is where all these images were captured by myself.

The main screen area is located down the side alley. However, upon working our way down there in the darkness of night and heavy rain through thorns and nettles, the end was all bricked up. I am wondering if we missed something but we double checked and that seems to be the only entrance to the main section. I was quite disappointed as images from the main screen would have been amazing!! So I may well be back soon.

If anyone has also visited and knows of another way inside, or if the alleyway bricked wall will be clear at some point, please let me know!

I hope you enjoy these images captured. I'm looking to visit the WW2 London Rd Shelter at some stage and the Fuel Bunkers.

Has anyone seen inside the Wymering WW2 Shelter? I believe no one has!


IMG_1734 y.jpg
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Needs someone to scrape all the scum and debris off the surface of the water, would make the photos better. It's a shame about that horrid suspended ceiling otherwise the shot could be a 'flickr pro' classic!


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I dident think of putting a report up. don't know why.

I've recently been in the front two screens. access is a bit tricky. we dident get in the main screen at the top. we're working on it though.

fuel bunkers currently unsealed and London road is sealed. we've had a go at wymering and located entrance but it's about 6 ft under ground. we've not found the rear access shafts, if indeed they are still there.

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Bloody hell that changed since I went in 2017, there is currently a way into the main screen, if you look hard enough you will see your way in if you are a clever explorer which I assume you are judging by you even getting into the flooded part, you will be in no problem, good luck ❤ Awesome photos


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I know the way in to the rest of the building but on account of you mentioning access anyway I’m now going to keep my gob shut.

I am surprised how much that ceiling has come down. Sadly I have awarded this building “largest amount of asbestos exposure on a single explore” and shall not be going again.

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