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Lead or Rumour info - Abandoned paintball course, messingham,Scunthorpe, lincolnshire


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Hello this is my first post and I decided I'd post about this paintball course that I kno about located in messingham, just outside of schunthorpe in north Lincolnshire. It is down a road called Holme lane and it's pretty far down the road, you'll be able to recognise it though as you'll see a sign and a big green gate. Now for a bit of history on this place, it has been running for about ten years for what I can remember, now a lot of people say it closed down about 5 months ago however I can't find anything that says it officially has closed down. However I am pretty sure it is closed, it took a while to travel to the location but it was worth it, we even found two tanks. Definitely an interesting sight would recommend as it's easy to get in aswell with only a little barb wire on the floor to stop u which is easily stepped over. Thanks for reading hope to hear from other people soon. Images can be found by a simple google search but be aware it has overgrown since the photos were took. I also do not own the photos on google