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Abandoned places/ railway/ houses/ labs/ etc


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Hey people,

So i am getting into exploring abandoned places , i was wondering if anyone knows or any places area Wiltshire/dorset and surrounding areas? I am also needed an explorer buddy as i dont have anyone that is interested in this sort of stuff.

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Hiya @T.m

have a quick read of these links, they may help you out



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28DL Member
Asking for locations straight away won't get you very far, those threads also explain why..
Yea alright! As i said i am knew to this if u seen ? So therefore i dont know much about this site.


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You are on a forum with thousands of named locations and a search bar, having a look around and using the search bar would have avoided the need for this post .. easy mistake to make ,there are a lot of very nice locations in wiltshire if you dont mind wandering about underground

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