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I did this explor on the 12/07/2020 in Wiltshire uk

I was originally ment to be going with 3 mates but they all cancelled so i decided i would still go on my own and i was glad i did

This place was massive and had bin abandoned for about 10 years and most the doors where open so i got to see everything but i was a lil sceard the whole time because i was on my own

After i did it i showd my mates and i went back 7 days later with them but all the building doors had all bin resealed back up so they never got to see what i saw so i was glad i did it when i did even if i was on my own

I did video it for my youtube channel and took about 70 picks

Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a nice day

















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With you saying that you uploaded it to youtube i hope that you're not one of these g00ntubers!!

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This is the chalk pit next to the Bratton White Horse, just outside Westbury. it is said to be the largest chalk pit in the UK. The hole is 20 million cubic metres and served the cement plant that used to have the huge chimney that Oxygen Thief climbed (in notable reports somewhere)

Some online history...
This 20 million cubic metre hole in the ground is scarcely visible in the locality, because it is below the ridge of the downs, and backed by MOD land to the south. Operated from 1962 to 2009, it supplied Middle and Lower Chalk to the cement plant at Westbury. The chalk was ground in washmills making a slurry with about 40% water. This was pumped to a holding tank at ST89285092, then transferred to the cement plant through a buried 2.3 km pipeline.


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28DL Full Member
I think saying Wiltshire is giveing the location many other posts on here down give the town and i thought that a good idea to help keep places protected

And yes i do youtube its something i like doing to share my journey


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Good first post. Although a little history and location would be great for your next post. You got some good snaps there too. :thumb

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