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Report - Abandoned Street/cafe Stockport


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Okay so I've been in here a few times for photo shoots and went back there today to get ready for another one. I got in and there was no trouble same as always I just climbed over the wall and I was in. I was in there for about an hour until I saw a staircase that went into another part of it so I tried to get to it. Turns out the building it's connected to has full security and every camera on the abandoned street works. I found this out the hard way after tripping a motion sensor and setting a camera off.

I assumed it didn't work but I unscrewed it just in case. (should not have done that) So about ten minutes later I hear this loud banging coming from the wall I got over and I just assume it's kids or something so I ignored it. About 20 minutes later I went over to leave and I got stopped by a guy who worked there. (presumably security) So i got out and he asked if I was going to pay for the camera I "ripped down" and I just played the dumb card saying I didn't know what he was talking about. So he asked me how I got in and I said same way I got out, then he asked if I ripped part of the wall off and stuff and I said no. About five minutes later he pretty much tells me to fuck off and if he sees me again he'd "kick the shit out of me."

So if anyone is planning on going in the cameras all work and you'll be seen as soon as you get over the wall. you'll probably be fine as long as you don't trip any motion sensors or anything (I only saw one btw and the only reason I tripped it was because I was trying to climb over it to get to the next building). And if you are gonna go then just make sure you don't break anything and stuff because they'll probably fight you. They do have the keys to the main gate so they can just get in at anytime if they want.










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I was in the area for the last few days, was going to attempt but never got around to it, glad i didn't by the sounds of it


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Stockport Village it is, I posted a report a while ago, got in via a ripped panel, no security or plod just two people on a bench who gave us a waheyy as we got in. I noticed all the cameras and thought they looked a bit new to be here! I have been in Stockport my whole life and never knew it even existed, used to be a buzzing shopping centre.

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