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Video Report - Abandoned Train Carriages, in Staffordshire (April 2018)


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Not much to introduce myself about, I'm just a lil' boi who's just recently started getting more into Urbex. My focus is to produce content that more or less matches 'Proper People'! I'm hugely inspired by their work, its incredibly addictive.

Somewhere in the countryside of Staffordshire lies a few abandoned train carriages which haven't been touched for several years. Tracks have been completely removed but only a few segments remain alongside beautifully structured bridges and empty lineside huts. Several railway signs remain too, however its worth noting that someone built these bridges and now they're left to rot without a word.

Tis' a shame because this could've been reopened to extend preservation lines across the UK, however I'm guessing because of a 'local quarry' nearby closed which meant railway traffic/freight was no longer needed.

Hope you enjoy! First ever video of Urbexing, hoping to reduce the panning blur - hurts the eyes a little.