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Abandoned train track


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Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of an abandoned train tracks with decaying trains that you could go to, and not get in any trouble. It would be for photography


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28DL Full Member
There's some here and some more here in the tunnel and here

Have a read of this thread before you post any more questions pleases https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/28-days-later-survival-guide-for-newbies.116319/ It explains, amongst other things, why you are unlikely to get a more sensible answer.
hello, thank you for your tyime answering this question but i can only go looking in England and preferably somewhere not more than 3 hours away from London. Would that be possible, many thanks;


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This should give you some suggestions - http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/index.shtml

Use Google Earth and go from there. Many lines can still be walked eventhough being disused. Decaying trains on the other hand, they are few and far between.

Equally look at previous reports for some ideas.
hello, thank you; but would you be able to get in abandoned stations. Also that website isn't that good because it doesn't show what they look like inside. Many thanks,


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Instead of posting on here waiting for someone to tell you the answer why not use this handy search engine I’ve heard of called google.
I dunno maybe typing in something like “abandoned train lines uk” might bring up what you’re looking for.

If you want to see what things look like inside or if they are abandoned/accessible then get off your bum and do some exploring


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[B]cumbalili[/B] - you ask as many questions as you like - just don't expect answers from many people. Most preserved railways have lines of stock waiting to be restored. Reports recently on here are from ELR - that was onto a live preserved site next to their preserved diesels - not recommended as they also tried to get into the diesels, trains at Tenterden, south of Cheltenham Racecourse on G & W Rly, and the Churnet Valley stock in Staffordshire. Find these preserved lines on aerial views of maps and follow the line , you will see the stock as it hasn't moved for years - for example south of Cheltenham Racecourse. Remember the law of trespass is different for railways compared to other sites but probably only the bigger companies will take action if you are caught. For disused stations you'll need to do more research around the area you want to visit, and lots of information on line [no pun intended] about stations. With many people trying to get access to these rolling stock including metal thieves it is making it more difficult for others who just want to photograph the railways.

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