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Report - Abandoned Whaling Station, South Georgia


Mr Penguin

Third attempt - all photos now working on my system, but I'll check back tomorrow.

Grytviken was a Norwegian whaling station on the British isle of South Georgia in the South Atlantic. Opened in the early 1900s, it employed over 200 men at its peak. Due to the collapse of whale stocks it was mothballed in the 1960s and never reopened. It has recently been preserved by the British government who conduct fishery protection and scientific research at a nearby site.

Grytviken with Mt Hodges above

Grytviken from Mt Hodges!

Looking down on the site

British made generator set

Whale catcher Petrel

Oil tanks

Steam driven pully

Oil processing stack


Well preserved Norwegian Church almost identical to the one in Cardiff Bay. No tripod though :(

Tender boat Fenix unlikely to rise again

Sadly other buildings such as accommodation blocks had been demolished, but it was still a good wander.

Hope they were worth the wait
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