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Report - Abbey Mills (Cathedral of Sewage) - London, December 2009 & April 2010


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Visited in December with Za Gringo and Kevin Arnold plus return trip over the weekend with JackF and a fisheye.

This place has a lot going for it. Very good condition, interesting artefacts, photogenic and a nice bit of history (how often do exploration sites have info boards in the middle of them?). The place really is a little gem, it's a shame they don't make buildings like this any more. I swear though, whoever designed the current lighting setup in there at the moment really had it in for photographers!

The official status of the place is 'On Standby' but the pumps whirr and spin, lights flash and relays click, it very much gives the impression that it's live. It's been in this state since 1997 and currently only deals with storm flows, on average a couple of times a month.






"Watch out young Mito, there's a gigantic headless Dalek behind you!" - (These were the pumps at ground level with a rotating shaft down to the basement and beyond...)



On the roof, the Canary Wharf cluster just left of centre, the line up into the sky is the laser from the Greenwich meridian.


As low as we could find our way into the basement, beneath one of the pumps. This one was running the whole time we were there.


As high as we could get internally, looking down towards the centre.​


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