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Report - Abbey Mills Pumping Station, Stratford 15/04/10


I should have danced all night
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Visited with Raddog.

A nicely lit up pumping station is the perfect way to finish off a funny day full of eccentricities. We'd been hanging out in Hackney with the hipsters at a lecture on spirit photography and somehow left the lecture with an added taxidermy squirrel and a mink fur hat. The mink fur hat was unbelievably warm and I was very grateful of it that night. We had some time to spare before I had to jump back on the Brighton train so we ventured towards Stratford, the car rammed full of dead birds and a rather fanciful elland.

Abbey Mills sits unassumingly in a quiet housing estate in Stratford with the only giveaway being the Thames Water signs on the big spikey fences outside. It's lit up quite literally, like a Christmas tree! The red glow made some parts of it so difficult to photograph because it dominated so much of the building.

Lighting aside, Abbey Mills is on its way towards becoming the next Crossness. It's another fine example of a perhaps more modern pumping station than some of the super old beam engine ones although I think they were in there at some point and got removed.

Here's the photos!


















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