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Report - Abbotsbury ROC Post - Dorset - March 2014


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Abbotsbury ROC Post was one of over 1500 underground structures built all over the United Kingdom, constructed as a result of the Corps' nuclear reporting role and operated by volunteers during the Cold War between 1955 and 1991. They were designed to house three members of the Royal Observer Corps, whose job it would be to use supplied equipment to gauge the bomb power and ground zero of a nuclear blast and report back to a group H.Q.

This particular post was opened during March 1959, and had a relatively short lifespan, closing in October 1968. Nick Catford's original visit in 2000 revealed that the post was open, however by May 2003 the post had been capped with a concrete cap, and this remains in place today so there was no access underground. All the surface features are intact - but the ventilation louvres are missing. Catford reported that there was much rubbish and rubble with graffiti inside the post. In addition to the ROC Post, an aircraft post stands right alongside it. This is built of Portland Stone, and has a brick base with an inner concrete lining. In decent condition, although it has no roof. In recent years a Jubilee Beacon has been placed next to the ROC Post, which was to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee of course. This was a quick stop off on the way to the Isle of Portland. Although reported before, there doesn't seem to be any photographs of the post as it looks today, since it was sealed.

From the roadside below you can just make out the aircraft post at the top of the hill.

The ROC post:

The shaft securely capped with concrete:

Fixed Survey Meter:

Air Vent:

Aircraft Post:

The aircraft post, jubilee beacon and ROC Post:

And finally the fantastic view along Chesil Beach to the Isle of Portland from the post's commanding location:

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what a view.
nicely done that man


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Lovely final image :thumb I can see my house from there :)

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