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Report - Abc cinema Liverpool March 2016


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visited with @blacksnake @fragglehunter @Tbolt and @wherever I may roam enjoyed this cinema was very dark here and hard to light. So here's a few photo and some history...

The ABC Cinema is Grade II listed. It rounds the corner of Lime Street and Elliot Street and is one of the first buildings visitors see when leaving Leaving Lime Street Station. ABC acquired the building in 1930 and it opened a year later to become known as one of the finest cinemas of that era.

The six storey exterior was designed by A. E. Shannon and has very little decoration other than motifs over the entrance. Despite this, the building remains a very distinct feature on Lime Street. The building is listed for the grand interior, which is said to remain one of the designers - William R. Glen's - best.

The cinema was renamed ABC Cinema in February 1971 and survived intact until 1982 when it was converted to three screens; the additional two mini cinemas were installed under the balcony. It was re-named Cannon in 1986 and remained so until closure in 1998. A building that many in the city remember using, The Forum finally closed its doors on the 28th of January 1998. It remains unused.








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