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Report - Aberdare No.1 Iron Mine (Mountain Level) - South Wales - 4th May 2022

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Unfortunately there’s is not a lot of historical information on this mine..

Here’s what I could find

The mine was opened in 1797 most likely to supply one of the Hanbury families iron works. Capel Hanbury and his family lived in what is now pontypool park. Much of the surrounding area’s industrial heritage is owed to this family and the Napoleonic wars which increased demand of Welsh iron and the armaments made from it.

Aberdare No.1 mine sits underneath the now disused Penyrhoel reservoir. This was opened in 1914 after the mine was abandoned. There is concrete reinforcements throughout sections of the mine. This was put in place in the early 1900’s to try and stop water leaking from the reservoir into the disused mine workings. At the same period in time the air shaft was extended with a brick lined chimney which can still be seen when looking over the drained reservoir. This would have sat above the water level when it was in use. The reservoir was eventually closed in the 1970’s due to continuing problems with water leaking underground and also several fatal incidents above ground over a number of years.

The mine workings extend over 800m and consists of several drifts and connections, with small gauge rail running almost the entire length of the mine.

Today the mine workings can still be explored to almost the entire length. However there is serious de-lamination in the roof along many sections of the mine, most seriously in the end of the workings. Also the oxygen levels can dip in places but I was lucky enough this time to be able to explore almost uninterrupted by the gas detector. Entry may be tricky in the near future as there is some development currently in progress around the adit used for entry.

Concrete Reinforcements.

The Iron Vagina.

Collapsed Workings.

Looking up the Air shaft.

Through the Vagina.

Roof Collapse.

Brickwork Tunnel.

Tally Charts

More Collapses

Thanks for reading and stay safe out there!
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