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Report - Aberdeen Bunker - August 2010

Big Reds

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
At lot of people have been to this site but the bunker hasn't always been open. Luckly for me it was unlocked..and this is where it started..

Some history; The bunker was opened in 1962 as the NORTH EAST SECTOR CIVIL DEFENCE CORPS GROUP CONTROL and remained in use until the end of Civil Defence Corps in 1968. It was reactivated and modernised in 1987 finally closing in 1998.


It was fairly stripped in here except the plant room


a basic kitchen, and...




I dont know if people had been playing with markers or if these where for real (7M = 7 megatons?) either way it gets you thinking.


ROC posts?


and what might have been behind doors No 1,2 & 3




check the thickness of the door..




Big Reds

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Sorry about the large picture but its required to futher understand this map and what the marking means


So i guess that means that J80A & J80B are the command centres A beign the main and B the alternative?
I understand the triangles are the ROC posts. But on this larger map i dont know if you can see the other dots without a letter, ie 069, 059, 067 are they just smaller transmission posts?

The triangles are ROC posts, 99 post is always the group HQ, this one being Aberdeen Group Control.

I would imagine the black dots with 'J' written beside them are Civil Defence depots or locations that have Carrier Receivers in them (Police Stations etc). I have seen a map in the RGHQ here in Northern Ireland that has similar info on it. The 'J' is written beside the number because its in the 'J' part of the map, example, NJ9206 is the grid ref for Aberdeen.

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