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Report - ABM Pauls, Louth, Lincolnshire, November 2010


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The old maltings, built around 1870 and destroyed by German bombs in 1940, had stood opposite a pea canning factory which after it burned down was replaced by the now empty Linpac factory.

Re-building began in 1949, the site was on the industrial edge of the town, beside the railway station and its coalyard.

Owners Gilstrap Earp, part of Associated British Maltsters hired contractor Mitchells of Grimsby to build the American design, a maltings like none seen in Europe before let alone Louth.

The barley and malt store is 120ft high, the interior is an extraordinary honeycomb of 96 eight foot square, 90ft high storage chambers used for barley and malt.

More silos were added in 1972 and computerisation was introduced in the 1980's, ending the night shift. If there was a problem an alarm rang in the Manchester office which called out a local man to attend to it.

Dalgety's had taken over ABM in 1972 but Paul's Malt became the new owners in 1987. Their plans to expand production by building three huge new silos were refused in 1989 by East Lindsey District Council and on appeal, following bitter opposition from the Civic Trust and conservation minded councillors.

Louth was producing 30,000 tonnes a year. In the late 1990s Paul's invested 30m in a new plant at Bury St Edmunds which increased introduction by 100,000 tonnes.

Louth's fate was sealed.

The Visit

On a very cold and snowy day we decided to head out over the tops across to Lincolnshire, the main target for the day was RAF Stenigot, but before going there, our guide for the day had arranged for us to pay a visit to a big industrial site in a small town called Louth.

Access was straightforward and we had a thouroughly relaxed mooch.

Visited with OLDSKOOL & Bugsuperstar.

The Photos



[3] & [4]

[5] & [6]



[9] & [10]






Last but not least, these things below scared us half to death! We were walking down a very dark staircase and one of us flashed our torch round downstairs and saw this briefly - after all the stories on the forums as of late about bodies being found in abandoned places, our first though was that this was 2 bodies slumped in the corner, we carefully walked down the stairs to check it out further. Turns out, they were those dummies that the fire service use as part of their training, we went on to find another four of these things, so my guess is that they probably failed that part of their training - Citizens of Louth be aware!




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