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Does anybody use a Petzl GriGri for abseiling or is this a bad idea?

I normally use an 8 but have been looking for a safer alternative. Ive heard the Petzl stop is slow/awkward to use .

I have a grigri for belaying and often wandered if anybody uses them for abseiling.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Hi there
to answer your question yes you can use a gri for ab but I would recommend only 10-11.5mm rope as 9mm goes really quickly and is difficult to stop I would also have a back up device I use a french prusik just in case of emergencys! there are other devices that will handle 9mm better I find a cinch works well also with a prusik loop though they are expensive but work in much the same way as a gri
Hope this is of some help:thumb

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Yes you can abseil on a Grigri although I find it hard to use on longer abseils and prefer to use an ATC (or similar) for leisure and a Petzl Stop for work.

The good side of using a Grigri is that when used with a shunt, jummar or prusic devive it is very efficient to use to ascend rope over a short distance.

Not sure why you want to know about abseiling, but for shortish abseils when I've been exploring I usually just use an Italian hitch and carry a couple of prusic loops to get back out.

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If your abbing 10ft a small chain link will suffice , between 10 & 50 a figure8 and after that a stop is probably the best but main rule is keep it simple..
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If I didn't know what you'd done I'd say you're a fucking nutter with the chain link :D Wait, I'll still say that!
Haha anyone else and id think they were taking the piss on the chain link but not sl.
For me stop all the way.