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Report - ACS Dobfar Pharmaceuticals, Ashington, Northumberland - June 2013 *PIC HEAVY*


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First report in 3 YEARS!! and also only my second on here over all! Thought i'd make an effort on the forums for once and share this report (as far as I'm aware its the first report of the place... but i could be wrong).

Visited with Mr Ex:
After an unsuccessful recce of Alcan we decided to pop over to the Linemouth Pit Baths (already knew they were trashed but we were about 50 ft from them so why not).
On the way over we were stopped by a couple of lads in a car asking "what are you taking photos of?"
Immediately suspecting them to be Secca we kinda fumbled n said "er, nothing".
Turns out they were explorers much on the same agenda as us and advised us to avoid the pit head baths as some kids were busy trying to knock down part of the wall to try and gain entry.

However they did mention another site they had been to, a drugs manufacturing plant about 10 mins drive away. They kindly offered to show is the way so we jumped back in the car and followed them. One of them even stayed to show us around and take a few more snaps himself.
Looking at the site is seemed unlikely that anything interesting would remain, most of the large buildings had been demolished, but we were assured that we would be pleasantly surprised..... we were!!!!
Gas bottles, cleaning equipment, more chemicals that you could shake a tripod at, drug making equipment, documents galore, office equipment and a board room that looked like they had just had their Christmas party and cleared off.

Finding history of this place is a nightmare. So far i've found out:
The site seems to have started off as part of the Glaxo Group.
Then changed to "synpac chemicals" although i can find no info on when this takeover occurred.
Then to "ACS Dobfar" (closing down in 2004)

And more confusingly in 2010 to "The Four Rivers Energy Company", But according to the company website they only took over the site in 2010 and in late 2011 had still not started production.

I found reports from 2004 when it was "ACS Dobfar" about all 170 jobs being axed but no further details on when the site was decommissioned. The company apparently went into voluntary administration just a few months ago.

The only info i could find out about the company was on NewStatesman.com.
I haven't even attempted to put this into my own words, it made me cross eyed even reading the original paragraph 0_o.

"ACS Dobfar SPA (ACS Dobfar) is an Italy based private company engaged in the business of manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and finish dosage forms. The company, under the management of its parent company Dobfar Holdings SPA and its subsidiaries, specializes in offering penicillin, cephalosporins, and other APIs in oral and injection forms and drugs in oral and injectable finished dosage forms. The company is also involved in offering packaging and storage material for drugs, contract manufacturing and research services. ACS Dobfar principally operates in the regions of Italy, UK, Romania, Switzerland, South Korea and Brazil. The company is headquartered in Tribiano, Milan, Italy."

Heres some snappysnaps?

1. I used to have to use one of these evil things every morning, luckily these 2 are condemned to never be used again! No more will these machines threaten to dislocate anyone shoulders again!

2. It seems fire safety was a strong point here

3. I can't quite work out what exactly this was....

4. Dear Diary: JACKPOT!
This rooms was full of some pretty serious chemicals, some stuff had obviously leaked and the smell in intense to say the least! Had set the camera up whilst holding my breath and stick self timer on. Only a matter of time till some Chav is stupid enough to spark up a tab there and ends with with his limbs in 4 different area codes.

5. The amount of documents here was amazing

6. As Above ^^

7. Some kinda slide enlargerer thing

8. Hello Dominos? Yeah, large mighty meaty, no onions, extra garlic dips, ta.

9. Just... because its UrbEx law... right?

10. Quite frankly this thing pissed all over any of our cameras

11. Looks like the works Christmas party was a bit of a wild one. Think they must have had a mass elastic band fight!

12. This room had the same nauseating headache educing smell as the store room, so I decided to take the shot through the broken window of the door.


14. Main offices, stuffed full of urbexy goodness!


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