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Report - ADM Pauls - Lincs - November 2010


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ABM Pauls - Lincs - November 2010

Visited with thestig and nic81

The ABM Pauls malt kiln stands at around 120ft, the owners contracted Mitchells of Grimsby to build the American design, a maltings like none seen in Europe
construction began in 1949 and replaced the old maltings, which were built around 1870 and destroyed by German bombs in 1940
The new site had to be where its predecessor stood to qualify for war compensation, It took two years to finish the project, with post-war cement rationing slowing down the process.

As they neared completion of the tower, fire and ambulance crews had to rescue a workman who fell from scaffolding onto the roof. They strapped him to a stretcher and lowered him vertically on ropes down the inside of the building.

The production section was finished for malting to begin in 1952

On completion the finished building was substantially bigger than owners Gilstrap Earp had originally envisaged, due to a transatlantic misunderstanding concerning American and British ideas of the trade measure for malt.The figures used by the designers gave the firm so much extra capacity that it was able to increase production from 9385 tonnes in 1953 to nearly 14000 in 1960 without adding to the building.

More silos were added in 1972 and computerisation was introduced in the 1980's, ending the night shift, Dalgety's had by then taken over but Paul's Malt became the new owners in 1987.​

The first concrete maltings built in Europe, and at the time the biggest.​
The main building was full of weird looking machines, various tanks etc, plenty of pipes and cool ladders. Didnt get to the main silo roof this time. Also one of the largest pigeon hang outs i've ever visited.











Thanks for looking :thumb
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