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Wanted - Advice for someone trying to explore -with friend/date- in and around Reading town center?


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Ok so... Yeah I'm new. And I'm sure many of you lot were new at one point to this. so let me get to the chase: Does anyone know anything for a guy like me to explore in or near Reading town center? I have done several explores before and I do have equipment (helmet, steel cap boots n even an asbestos proof mask P45)
I have made an intro here if anyone cares :-)

I'm looking for something definitely wanting to be seen in / around Reading since it is basically a first in-person date with someone I've been texting and video calling for 5 months now :-)

It was her idea which I definitely love the sound of. In case you missed it, I am 19 and shes also 19. No we are wanting to explore sites, not each other....;-)

Anything at all, even searching tips, places seen thousands of times or somewhere not really abandoned but in a park or something, would be extremely helpful! Thanks my dudes


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25 pages on Reading in the search bar, use it to your aid! Asking for locations outright doesn’t usually go down too well so do some research and you will find something!

On the separate note, taking a girl on a date, that’s upto you what you do, when in Rome! Whatever, this isn’t really the site to discuss it.

Despite that, I took my Mrs on an explore for our first date so it does work! Good luck!

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