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Question - Advice needed please :)


Never stop exploring :)
28DL Full Member
I was wondering if anyone could help I purchased a Sony a200 I have no skills or knowledge of dslr, was this the wrong camera choice as it's getting dark most of time when I'm out I tryed loads if settings off google.The flash only works when it wants to an M mode only seems to get picture when still when there's lots of light help!! Don't get me wrong it takes fab pictures in daylight and getting a lot of practice.Just when you travel an hour to get to a explore an you cant work ur camera it's annoying one night we had it working don't know how tho :(any helpful info will be very great full for :).
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Butt Wipe
28DL Full Member
I'm not to familiar with Sony, I wouldn't worry about the flash as you don't need it with a dslr, I'm not sure what you mean about the M only given you a picture when there is a lot of light, thats sounds like its working correctly, have you tried upping your ISO, but bare in mind the more ISO you add the more your picture will have a noise effect.

Also have you heard of light painting ?


Never stop exploring :)
28DL Full Member
I brought super Cree sometimes I'm getting a great picture with the flash off but others are noisey like you said :) I think M mode mannal which I got the flash to work on one time.

Snake Oil

go in drains
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there are a few things you can try that will get more light into the camera: increase the ISO, decrease the F number (opens the shutter wider) or increase the aperture time (opens the shutter for longer). Each will give varying results, but with a bit of practice you'll soon get to know what does what and how it affects your photos.
The one thing that you will need most though is a tripod, this will keep the camear nice and still on longer exposures and reduce blur from movement. If you're not in a location where waving a torch around will get you in trouble, light painting on a longer exposure will get you some good results.


Never stop exploring :)
28DL Full Member
Thank you I will have to invest in one my mate said she had one for me but I still waiting ,I may just buy one instead. Hopefully I will get better results from like you said adjusting the settings :)


Irresponsible & Reckless
Regular User
I used an Alpha 200 as my exploring camera for many years, here is an old report as an example of low light usage.


Set to manual it should do everything you need and more. Get to know your camera at home or locally at night times then you avoid the disappointment of travelling so far and having a fail due to lack of practice.

Of course the camera could be faulty but I doubt it :)


Never stop exploring :)
28DL Full Member
Cheers bud I think you may be more pratice is needed before I take it with again :) I know it's capable of great photos as I got a few some factory tunnels but it when I have turn it off it doesn't remember any settings :( not good if you don't remember what they were lol


A Predisposed Tourist
Regular User
i had an A230 and it remembers the aperture and exposure time and the iso etc..well it should!

plenty of online guides but if you are struggling with Manual mode stick it on A mode and it does some of the work for you

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