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Hi Everyone,

I have been on here for years, and done a great deal of explores. I have never been bothered by the fact that I didn't have a camera, as I enjoy the exploring more than taking shots.

However, as of lately, a few of my favourite sites have been demoloshed/had access points permanently sealed... This has given me the kick up the arse to start taking snaps.

I already have my heart set on a Canon 60D, but only because of previous Canon experience, so I am open to suggestions.
I am a complete newbie to DSLRs, so I don't expect to be taking studio quality snaps straight off, but I don't want to buy a cheap camera, only to replace it when I get better.

My requirements:

  • It will be primarily used to take underground photographs (Mines etc)
  • It must be upgradeable to use a remote control shutter
  • My budget is around £900, lens included

So, without trying to start a Nikon vs. Canon thread, I'm really asking for some underground photos taken by the 60D, and it's Nikon counterpart please.

Also, some opinions from people who have used BOTH underground, and which is your favourite.

Let me just say thanks to anybody who replies in advance, I really want to spend my money in the right way here.



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Personally I'd go for a lower priced camera and get a decent lens

If you're going underground the body is going to take a beating (just ask Ojay) but even after a dunking the lens is normally fine and can be used on the replacement


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That's a fair point, but I'm generally extremely careful with my kit, I can't remember ever dropping a phone, standing on my car keys etc etc.

I would say that is be able to take good care of a camera. Plus, the camera body and lens will be almost equal in price


Henk Bakker

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Hi Andy,

My personal opinion (well, actually the way I mostly choose my gear) is by searching for reviews of cameras on this site: Digital Photography Tips: Digital Photography School They make good detailed stories about camera's. even with high ISO values. And then I compare this information with the opinions by others posted on the internet. Because no matter how great the camera might be in a studio, if you can't get a good grip for example on the body because you have large hands....... you're still ........

And like paulpowers says (and my local photography store as well), the body is one part, but the majority of your picture is determined by your lens.


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Mate for that price you want a Nikon D7000 they have come down loads in price as the 7100 was released not long ago
it's £750 with a 10 / 105mm lens ok the lens isn't great but it's a good starter + if you are using a tripod it sort of doesn't matter - I had this camera, it has amazing weather sealing & for money it's unbelievable

Buy NIKON D7000 Digital SLR Camera with AF-S DX Nikkor 18-105 mm ED VR Lens | Free Delivery | Currys

Or if you want to spend a little more get the D7100 - I've got a D600 (Full Frame FX) and it's not far of that at all, awesome camera!


Both great for low light and very rugged!


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Thanks for the replies guys.

I had a feeling id get sent to the Nikon store here.
Most urbexers I've met underground have been using them.

I'll take on board the suggestions you guys have made and check out reviews of the D7000/7100 tonight.

Then I'll need to decide on a lens :)



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Last word from me - Spend the most you can on a body then worry about getting good glass later - to get the best glass it should cost more than the camera but the kit lens (18/105mm) I've had and it's very good (check reviews) I would defo go for the 7100 all day, your only going to buy the body once so make sure you get the best one you can - D7100 border line pro body except for the crop sensor


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Spend as much as you need, not necessarily your full budget. I'd personally advise on looking at a second hand body, such as a Canon 50D (bullet proof, magnesium chassis whereas the 60D is plastic) Afterall, it's going to be used in mines! I had a 60D when they first came out and wasn't too taken with it, felt a bit gimmicky and not as solid as the 50D... Just check around before roaring off and buying the latest swivelly screened, plaggy, auto shooting Nikon variant that appears to have all the bells and whistles... when really its a bit poo.

You can get low mileage 50Ds for about £350 nowadays. "glass" aka lenses... seek out the superb Tokina 116 lens as the good Doctor above advises. These are available used for around the same price as the aforementioned camera body, plus a copy of the ever cheerful Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 and boom, you're good to go.


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I've got the 60D and for the amount I paid for it (£463 for the body from a HK distributor rather than a retailer) I can't fault it. Pretty sure it's considered the best crop sensor camera that Canon do as well. I'd suggest a decent wider angle lens as well, Sigma 10-20mm is very good, or if you want something a bit different the Samyang 8mm fisheye is fun, depending on where you look that sets you back about £200.

Might be worth picking up a flash as well depending on where you go exploring. I find my flash comes in handy as I generally cba with the hassle of taking my tripod to every site I visit, I got a second hand canon 420ex for about £70 (bargain!).


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Also, if ou want to see what the 60D can do with a bit of Lightroom editing, have a look at my reports as they're all shot with the 60D using the Samyang 8mm, Canon 50mm 1.8 and Canon 17-85mm :thumb


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hmm, this thread is very DSLR focused, why not get a nice compact? one that has manual controls and can do long exposures, one that saves in RAW too to aid editing. I much prefer exploring with a compact, its a lot easier to carry around. I would probably recommend looking at a Panasonic Lumix LX5 as a starting point.

a few examples of my pictures from compacts:

Old Rail Tunnel, Panasonic TZ3

Big Mine, Panasonic TZ3

Random Bridge, Ricoh GRD3


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