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Report - AEI Cable Works air raid shelter - June 2015 - Kent


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28DL Full Member
Here is my first report on the site so if you have any suggestions on how to improve let me know.

Last month I visited AEI air raid shelters with another member (Silentwalker). Been meaning to do this for a while and it was about time i actually got off my back side and did it.

It has been well documented on this site but here is a brief history on the shelter.

"The company W T Henley has always been highly regarded for the manufacture of cable and electrical components and was clearly the company of choice when a system had to be devised as a countermeasure to the growing threat of German magnetic mines during the Second World War. As a result, a new site was constructed in 1939 in Gravesend for W T Henley and a complex of tunnels built underneath to provide air raid shelter for the company’s employees."

All six of the entrances have been welded shut to prevent damage, pleased to say they have done their job. No damage or graffiti anywhere. I could believe how clean the shelter was, defiantly one of the nicest I have seen.

On to the pictures. (Been a while since my SLR has seen action, still a little rusty)










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28DL Full Member
Was tricky to say the least but was a great crack! Nice report and pics :D about time you got this up!