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Report - AEI Henley's Air Raid Shelters - Northfleet - Feb 2011


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Ive been thinking about popping back to Henleys for a while so when the local guys posted up some pictures from these shelters the other day, along with news that workers have moved in on the 'cliff' side of the site and are busy ripping up the old concrete factory floor, i thought i had better get on with it!

Various entrances to these shelters span a couple of hundred meters of the cliff side. The tunnels are numbered 1 to 6 although i could find no evidence of tunnels 1 or 2! The 6 (or 4) tunnels run back into the cliff with many intersecting tunnels crossing them at right angles forming a large grid pattern allocated with letters A-S. Tunnels 5 and 6 had been separated by brick walls at some point and apparently used for storage after the war and at the entrance to tunnel 3 a large plant room contained the remains of ventilation equipment and a huge stack of Elsan toilets. From the end of tunnel 3 a long tunnel (sections R and S) ran parallel to the cliff face for 100m or so in the direction of where tunnels 1 and 2 should be but only lead to three more entrances! Bit of a mystery there!

On the whole the shelter is pretty sparse but with some nice numbering and a few nice junctions. It was much bigger then i was expecting!






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