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Report - Agecroft A Control Room, Salford - Oct 18


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Not really too sure of the history on this place


So spent 5 mins inside here and started to hear noises. @drummergirl_90 and I were positive that it was just other explorers but to our surprise it wasn't. I put my phone out of the window to see who was there and 3 scary looking men hovered outside as we found ourselves trapped inside and unsure what to do and if we were going to get mugged or not. We stayed put for 30/40 mins hoping they'd leave and when they didn't we decided to stealth mode out the place. Reflecting, we thought they could have been metal thieves but either way it wasn't enjoyable.






porky pig

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place sealed shut with alarms now as i made a hasty retreat two cop vans came flying around to the school gate


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I plan to visit here each time i'm in Manchester, but never seem to get round to it.

porky pig

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is the door at the top of the staircase open now last time i went fresh metal sheet over. the top window is accessable but a dicey climb

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