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Report - Agecroft A Primary Substation, Salford, Sep 18


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28DL Full Member
No way man I actually went in here today m8 awesome report dude can't believe you beat me to it. I didn't find a control room though ffs now I've got to go back. The only place I didn't check was the third floor of the small building adjoining the bridge as I didn't have a ladder I did, however, shimmy across into that small window you can see next to the bridge! Anyways epic this m8 nice one J.


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Such a shame the Evening News had to print such a shit take on this lot when better pics and write up by our man Jay have been kicking about longer!

Standard newspaper shite.

Everyplace that ends up in the papers always has a better account of it done in here by someone.



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You guys may want to have a word with Clarky1503 bout that...

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