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Report - Agnus Dei - Belgium - Sept. 2014


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Dropped by here with The_Raw, Sentinel, Elliot and 2 non-members. People call it Agnus Dei but I can't find any distinct reason for that name to be honest. Beyond the Chapel which lies on the roadside, there's also a small hospital complex at the rear which has been partially gutted by fire, really dodgy floors here!

Stained glass in the chapel was in great condition overall apart from those on the road-facing side which were smeared with pollution. Building was a bit leaky but quite well preserved apart from that, a good amount of peely paint. :D

External of the chapel and the smashed up remains of a previous exploring groups minivan.

A composite image of 5 of the stained glass windows.

Chapel interior.


A small room to the side of the alter, rain was falling heavily through the roof at this moment.

Part of the hospital area.

An old chair and TV set in the hospital part of the complex.

One of several remaining hospital beds.

A bank? o_O

Heading back to the van after the storm abated. Some cyclist explorers also joined us mid way thru. :)

I hadn't seen anything but the chapel at this place before so was a nice surprise to see there's a bit more to this place. Would love to find out more about it's history but doubt that'd be easy without a name to go by...

Thanks for reading. :)


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the agnus die is written in gold lettering on the Right of the altar i think mate as you look at it..good shots of the place too :)
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Nice ones matey :thumb

Great pics as usual :)

Those 3D ish Stained Glass windows were mint and very little damage, probably as it's not in the UK obviously :(

I thought it was quite a nice Church considering it was hiding inside all those Asbestos tiles and the Hospital had something about it, although very bare. We spent too much time looking for stuff to include in shots TBH and it was a long walk with that TV from one of the rooms, hope you appreciated it :)


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I drank beer in there a couple of weeks ago.

Did you visit the American WW2 cemetary just up the road from here? It's an incredible place and the guy who runs it is very welcoming and informative.


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Hey - yeah we did stop at the cemetery, very humbling experience to be in the presence of military graveyards built on such a large scale.

Guy was closing it up for the day so didn't get a chance to talk...



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Nicely done! I believe the name is to do with Angus Deayton once worshipping here