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Report - Air Raid! - DE '12


Germany is the "wurst"
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...wherein our anti-heroes discover that, a near-complete seeming local dearth of stuff to go stare at, sometimes it's right under your feet.


The only information I found about this place is that it belonged to a World War II German army regional headquarters, an underground air raid shelter for administrative staff. One of my German contacts, however, informs me that I'm full of shit (no surprise there) and that this is a bog standard civilian design.



Whatever. There's half-nekkid Teutonic vixens sunning themselves in the park right overhead, while two filthy, stinking idiots laden with camera gear nearly have heart attacks from a rogue rabbit below ground.

I'm still stunned that we found this, more so that it's not been graffitied to hell, even more so that the original fluorescent exit markings are still intact and that the whole thing is not completely flooded, and utterly flabbergasted that we were able to pretty much walk right in. Nobody ever seems to pay much attention to what's around them - the main entrance is pretty attention-grabbing, to be fair, a big concrete-and-steel contraption in the middle of a park, welded shut and with the original counterweight arms for raising up the cover long rusted and broken off. And then, there's the holes right off to the side, where assorted rabbits and photographers slither inside to do their thing. Not with each other, you filthy bastard.





It's good condition is probably at least partially explained by the fact that sections of it were used as some sort of band practice or party room in the 1970s - a wall is still totally plastered with vintage ads. And at some point, some junkies must have made it their home, but they're long gone, and thankfully left the rest of it intact. Also, now we know where there's an air raid shelter just around the corner. Just in case.


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