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Report - Air Raid Shelter, Carshalton Park, Jan 2012


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So when I saw this on the news (and in the papers) and indeed on this very website and given it is fairly close by I had to take a look. Luckily a few others had the same idea and we went for a quick recce.

Oh no a hatch in the ground ... its been sealed already. But no the entrance was still there but cleverly hidden.

Access will require several beefy explorers and something ladder related.

Once underground here's what we found. I would guess this shelter was sealed after the war and not touched since as there is no sign of the constant access by kids during the 60s and 70s and metal thieves more recently. I think this is the only shelter I have been in where all the wiring is intact.

On with the pics ....







Some of the rows of benches were disintegrating on the floor


Just the barest hint of one of the original shelter notices


Overall quite a big shelter with at least 8 passageways and 3 walk in entrances (all backfilled) and 3 or 4 emergency exits (all capped)