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Report - Air Raid shelter, St Valerie's hotel, Minnis Road, Birchington, Kent


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This can not really be described as an explore in the sense that I there is no access to the shelters. But I thought it was worth sharing in case anyone from East Kent may have more information on the site.


St Valerie's hotel is sited on Minnis Road in Minnis Bay in East Kent and I would describe it as originally a Victorian seaside hotel, now converted into apartments. By the side of the hotel on the corner of Ethelbert Road is a piece of originally undeveloped land which looking at old maps seems to have only been developed into a block of flats in the 1980's. But behind this block of flats is sited an air raid shelter with two entrances both securely bricked up which are located against a block built wall. I have not been able to find any other history on the site.

As I said not much of an explore, had a look around the top of the site to see if there is any evidence of emergency exits but nothing found although a garage block has been built on the top side.






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I had always heard about an air raid shelter here but never properly looked into its actual existence as I was aware it would only be small. This is really interesting. Thanks for posting :thumb
Would be intersting to see if much of it survived after the development directly above.

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