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Report - Air Raid Shelters at the Alpha Works, Cliffe

Urban Ginger Hog

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28DL Full Member
An easy to find pair of identical Air Raid Shelters for the former industrial Alpha Cement Works at Cliffe site (which I believe is now the Marinex Gravel works). Located just outside the RSPB car park and a 20 minute walk from Cliffe Fort. I initially drove straight past these shelters and ended up parking next to them after my pal advised me not to park in the car park as the gates get locked at a certain time. Like an excitable turd I ran straight in for a look and took a few shots. Theses shelters were utilised during WW2 for employees at the Cement works. The structures are of a zig-zag design (some form of prefabricated shelter)constructed with concrete with an overhead covering of chalk rubble and turf. There are also recces in the wall for toilet buckets and some traces of fixings for benches. Small team of volunteers could clean this place out in no time, such a shame