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Report - Airdrie & Coatbridge System, Late 2017 - Early 2018, North Lanarkshire, Scotland.


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I went looking at an outfall to the Luggy Burn, in southern Coatbridge a few months back.
Found a wide, low arch outfall, scrote deep in mud.
Chased a nor-eastern infall and found what turned out to be the East branch of this decently expansive system.
It all came to a halt however, when this tunnel turned into a thigh deep mud pit.
What i noticed however was that the tiny flow running through this East Branch was disproportionately low compared to the much larger flow emerging from the horrible bog outfall.
Just the other day, we found the Western Infall.
Source of all the the flow.
And the underground junction where the two very old stone tunnels confluence.

Eastern Infall.

Looking back. So little flow!

Mix of new Corro and Old Stone

Eventually leading to Old Schtuff!

And Old Covered Channel.

Then this lovely tunnel, where we had to stop, because it was full of 3ft deep death mud.


But there had to be more!
Where was all the outflow coming from?
Five months later, we ventured down the Western Branch, and to explain, i shot it with an ancient Canon Eos 350D cos i couldnt find the charger for my 600D sop the photos will be distinguishable.
From the Upstream Western End, This is the start of the old Western Arch, after 400m of twin 8ft Corro Pipes. Blasted AF cos i dont know how to use a 14 year old DSLR.

The Big Yin! The purveyor of all that water!
I would have never thought a town like Coatbridge would have a lovely big old drain like this under it!


This was an oddity.
Seems this section was open until recently... ~15 years ago.
But it was covered and what was formerly an infall grille was partially removed, leaving only skeleton.


The Junction.
To the right is the newly traversed Western Branch.
To the left is the untraversable DEATHMUD Eastern section which we reached the other end of, mentioned above.

And finally, these last two pics are of the lower single tunnel, which has had i'd estimate about 160 years worth of mud and sand and silt bogged into it, as it becomes more and more full of deep DEATH as you further reach the outfall.
Nevertheless, the stonework is amazing.




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Love that underground confluence and second from last pic. Good stuff!


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Nice work, its like a small megatron. I'm in Glasgow at the minute so may have to adjust my drain search ;)