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Report - Albert Works, Sheffield, October 2015


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Writing up an old visit as I found some pics I'd almost forgotten about.

Over the last few years, the so-called 'cultural industries quarter' of Sheffield has undergone some fairly significant changes. Buildings that once housed cutlers and other local businesses have been either demolished entirely or turned into office space and student flats. During this process a number of buildings have become accessible for short windows of time. Perhaps the most interesting of the buildings in this area that I made it into was Albert Works. There’s a couple of reports from this place on here, both from @dweeb.

As of 2017, this building has now been fully converted and much of the street facing structure remains. Details of the renovation can be found here: http://www.cartwrightpickard.com/projects/workplace/commercial-occupier/albert-works-sheffield/

My pictures come from two rushed visits - one was an impromptu sneak in during a weekday, with only a camera phone, while workmen were going in and out of the buildings. For this reason I returned on the following Sunday and made it across most of the site. One or two rooms were still sealed shut, but I never got chance to return to check them out.

Part of the building appeared to have been last used by an engraving company, Peter DeVine....

The office section was largely empty except for a safe or two, an old hoover and some pigeons.

Most of the ground floor space inhabited by the culters was unfortunately demolished by the time I made it in.

All of the stairs had been removed but it was still possible to make it up to the higher levels where there were still a few interesting bits and pieces still about in the workshops.

Thanks for reading - nothing epic, but somewhere not often seen.​