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Report - Alberta Tower Crane - London - March 2010


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
A fun trip though we had to wait an eternity to get in, at one stage some people were trying to kick the door down of a nearby building so the concierge was doing the rounds. Finally patience paid off and we were over...

It's just over the road from Ontario tower, the one with the blue lights around the top which appears as a tiny slash in most photos taken from the city. Now it's right next door.


Alberta offers some nice views into the Canary Wharf cluster but you'll need a bit of a zoom to make the most of it.



A bit closer by you've got the O2,


and the supposedly 24 hour (a lie as it turns out) McDonalds below. I've only been there twice, first time the manager came to have a word with us, we were 'suspicious' as 'all of my other customers tonight have looked like they're on drugs, not you.'. Worrying as only the drive through was open. The second time, despite promises of 24 hour hot food, they were shut, repeated angry banging on the windows just in case there really was someone in there ended up in setting the burglar alarm off. We made a hasty retreat. I urge you to try it if you're in the area.


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