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Report - Alcan, Workington, August 2016


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Alcan High Duty Alloys Extrusions. The factory opened in 1940. It was the first factory on the Lillyhall Industrial Estate. The people make Aluminium Alloy Extrusions. There are 598 Men and 48 Women. The goods are sold world wide. The average wage is about £150 per week. There are 4 shifts morning afternoon nights and days. Workington plant at Lillyhall produces stringers and bars for the aerospace and engineering markets, also they make parts for the space shuttle and Concorde.

In 2003 Alcan enquired Pechiney which in turn the site was rename to Alcan Pechiney Alloys factory halved its workforce between 2000 and 2003 and was bought out by Alcan in 2003.

Production from Workington moved to Alcan’s facilities in Issoire and Montreuil- Juigné in France.Workington has stopped production at the end of June 2007 and it closed the site with the loss of 161 jobs, finally in early 2008.

When doing research, I came across this news report:



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Nice set of snaps, AK - how many minutes did you get in done in, 15? :)

I especially like the last image.


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No speedsploring needed on this one. Had a few hours mooch

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