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Report - Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Liverpool - January 2016


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Few interesting bits of history

In 1910 the Board of Poor Law Guardians purchase Alder Hey, a mansion set in 25 acres of land in West Derby, with the intention of building a new workhouse for the city's poor. The plans include an area dedicated to caring for the paupers' sick children. After the outbreak of the First World War the doors of Alder Hey are opened so the building can serve as a military hospital. But the wards designed for caring for children retain their purpose. An American military camp is also established in the grounds. After the war, the building is firmly established as a children's hospital. The Second World War sees parts of Alder Hey again used to treat military casualties, but the majority of the hospital remains occupied by pediatric patients.

Penicillin was first tested at Alder Hey in 1944 to save the life of a child with pneumonia, a ground-breaking moment in medical history.

The Ronald McDonald House house opened in 1993 to provide a home away from home for the families of sick children being treated at Alder Hey. It initially has just 26 bedrooms but has expanded twice and now offers accommodation to 84 families each night.

October 1st 2015 the new Alder Hey is officially opened This is followed by a five-day transfer period while patients and equipment are moved from the old building into the new site.

Sorry about the fisheye, wish I would of swapped it but I quite enjoyed pissing about in the corridors with it





Looking out towards the new hosptial



Most of the wards had padlocks on the door's as a result we only got into one and it was shit, nice and blue but pretty shit






Bored of the corridors and locked wards we set out looking for the operating theaters






"The brain suite"

In October 2007 Alder Hey Children’s Charity received a donation of £3m from the Barclay Foundation to fund a 3-Tesla MRI scanner. This high-resolution magnetic imaging combined with an adjacent state of the art theatre featuring BrainLab image guided navigation systems, enables scans to be carried out in the operating theatre during surgery. This provides the surgeon with highly accurate, real-time information used for navigation and updates on progress.



Every room was filled with what looked like brand new equipment, I wonder if they will put it to good use...






Cheers for looking :)​


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It's all about the likes .....sorry Fisheye nicely done ....once you get used to the curvature of vertical structures ;)

They can be a godsend sometimes and a PITA others . (there is de-fishing software available BTW )

Enjoyed those mate /matey/m8ty etc:thumb and especially the Theatre pics.....wonder if we could put the Brain Scanner to good use :D


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A family member of mine used to work at Alder Hey and volunteered along with lots of other ex and current staff to move a lot of the equipment to the new hospital via the underground tunnel.. I believe all the scanners etc will be transferred over at some point in the very near future but the new hospital isn't fully prepared to house all of this equipment just yet.

Great report by the way, pics of the theatres are great ! :)


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Nice work!

I bet it felt a little eerie being in that place, a bit like when you were in school and got detention or went to parents evening and the school was empty. Nothing but quiet halls and rooms in a place thats normally noisy and full of people.


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I believe all the scanners etc will be transferred over at some point in the very near future but the new hospital isn't fully prepared to house all of this equipment just yet.
You'll find a majority of them probably won't be moved. Hospital equipment ages very quickly and it's often cheaper and more economic to buy new equipment than it is to move the old stuff which ,although it may look modern, probably isn't in the grand scheme of things. You'll be amazed what gets left behind!

Nice report, but waaaaaay too much fish eye. It's nice in the right places, but In corridors etc. it just bends the edges of the shots and I don't like that effect myself. No point using 'de fish eyeing' software as someone suggested, you end up with an image which is roughly the same as a 10mm lens anyway.


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Nice shots, I love the fish eye look, what lens was you using?