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Report - Alder Hey Childrens Hospital Liverpool March 2017


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This is my first report so go easy on me guys :) So I decided to give this place a go after reading some of the other reports on here. I certainly wasn't disappointed. There are 2 parts of the hospital- the new and the old. The old part was abandoned in 2015 and has remained pretty much untouched since.

The old part is adjacent to the new and is relatively easy to get in. I believe they are starting the demolition process so if you want to go you should go soon. I didn't see any security apart from a few signs and cctv cameras.

Once we got in we covered as much of the building as we could but barely scratched the surface. This place is huge and I would love to go back. One of my favourite explores to date. There is also an abandoned WH Smith and Costa Coffee inside just as an added bonus so I would highly recommend a visit.

I would have posted a video but like a bellend my Gopro was dead when I arrived! My camera wasn't though so I hope you enjoy the pictures.





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