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Alderley Edge Copper Mines - Feb 2010

An invite to have a mooch in the abandoned copper mines under rural Cheshire couldn’t be missed - and what an excellent underground day it turned out to be. The two mines we visited were West and Engine vein, Engine being the more colourful and wetter of the two. Thanks to all those involved on the day and the DCC who do some sterling work in keeping these mines accessible.
The Alderley Edge mines in Cheshire, UK, were mined from the Bronze Age (c. 4000 years ago) until the early 20th century.
Most of the mines are still accessible although many surface features have been obscured by vegetation over the years.
Many of the mines are owned by the National Trust and have been leased from them by the Derbyshire Caving Club which maintains access and continues to explore and search for areas of mining that have been closed for centuries.
Above info loaned from here: http://www.derbyscc.org.uk/alderley/

West Mine


West Mine


fuse made from straw twisted together


Obligatory silhouette shot


Fidel Castro newspaper article 1959



Flowstone coloured with copper deposits



Haulage road

The boats

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