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Report - Aldershot Garrison Water Supply, Hampshire - December 2013.


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Aldershot Garrison Water Supply, Hampshire


Having been holed up down South atm, I had a kind offer of visiting this place one evening having missed out on the earlier trip with BHG & BBA

All told it was a rushed job (literally) and I only just made the last train back thanks to soylent green driving at warp speed :thumb

I've been lazy with the history here, so I'll share what Ordnance kindly posted a while back

South of an area known as 'Caesar’s Camp' on the A287 which was a major water catchment area for Aldershot Camp which had its own water supply from Aldershot Town

There were (and still are) a number of uncovered reservoir's and until recent years a water tower and pump house on the other side of the road

These would feed smaller header reservoirs and water towers in the camp which in turn fed tanks in the roofs of the barracks

The old hutted Aldershot Camp dates from the 1880's after the Crimean War when it replaced an earlier tented camp

When the Water Works & Catchment Area started to be built, the date of this structure I do not know, but it has not been in action since the at least the late 50's

Above ground it's difficult to realise there is anything about until you look a bit closer

A number of ornate cast iron breathers hide amongst the shrubbery, as well as some locked hatches dotted about being the only clue here

Below, there are 4 separate Reservoirs, three large rectangular (only one accessible) and a smaller rotund one


A couple of the hatches were flapping in the wind so I descended some rusty ladders to inspect below..

The rectangular one was the most interesting, larger in scale and with the absence of any water these days a pipe and some valves held up by a vaulted roof & pillars, what else did you expect :p:




Conscious of the time we headed out and descended into the smaller round resi

There wasn't much to see here so a couple of pics before we raced for the train!



That's all folks



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Some great shots Ojay! Love the way you photographed this place!

The Lone Ranger

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Very nice and not a sign of poop anywhere :thumb


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Great location, shots and impressive lighting skills :)

Like the first one very Alien....esc beware the Egg Pods :eek:

soylent green

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Cracking pictures Ojay! I will have to get myself one of them big torches:) . Can't believe we made it back in time for your last train:)


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Excellent pictures with great lighting as usual. Looks quality does that!