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Report - Aleister Crowley house Zennor


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New on here, but love the great posts from rest of you. Hope you enjoy mine as much. This place has history if you google Carn Cottage, Zennor. The artist who lived here last used the 4x4 to get up and down from the cottage. There has never been running water or electric at the cottage.


I call bullshit!
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Welcome to 28. Well done for getting out and doing something and for actually posting a report, you’ve captured it well.

However, as has been said before on 28 about this place, Crowley visited Cornwall for two weeks in 1937, staying in a known location near Penzance. There is no evidence to show that he rented the house in this thread or that he was in Cornwall at any other time.

This is a widely spread story that has no basis in fact. Crowley's locations are easy to track and there is no period in his life when he could have lived there.

I’m afraid that article is one of many tin-hat conspiracy theories on Crowley.
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