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Report - Alexander Court Care Home, Harrogate, July 2016


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The History

Formerly known as Waldern Heath, the 85-bed home lost its nursing registration in July 2014, after CQC took enforcement action due to the poor quality of treatment uncovered in an inspection that took place early July. As a result of the closure, 28 elderly residents have been relocated to other care facilities.
The care home was criticized by the CQC in a report published in June 2014 which found it failed to ensure people's safety and welfare. Inspectors found that some staff had a limited understanding of the English language and failed to recognize urgent situations, including incidences where ambulances needed to be called. There were also additional concerns about serious incidents including an unexpected death of a resident, and an individual escaping the building, as well as somebody choking to death which was followed by an
In June 2016, a fire broke out at the former care home. Firefighters have not established the cause of the fire as of yet and due to the unstable building they have not yet been able to enter the property, however 2 teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of arson, who have been released on bail while evidence is being reviewed.


Naturally I was deeply saddened to hear about such severe mistreatment so close to my home.

The explore

The explore was pretty straight forward, nothing crazy.
Security clocked me fairly early on so I didn't have the chance to take many photos, thought it was worth a quick share anyway.
The place was fucked beyond belief due to fire damage.






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Its looks more trashed than Pixels report. But Im guessing you went together, as the report is the same. I guess Pixels got the best photos of the windows, and somehow got a cleaner staircase shot.

Such a shame, the building was a beaut. That fire done a number on the place didnt it.