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Report - Allanwater Copper Mine - Bridge of Allan Stirling April 2012


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28DL Full Member
Continuing my explore of Stirling Mines.
This is one of the easier shorter adits mined in the area. It is worth a visit though for its position right next to the River Allan and its a great first mine explore which doesnt need any specialised equipment, other than wellies/waders.
There's a short crawl to get in and then a flooded adit which you are never certain whether there is a flooded winze beneath your feet :eek:
There's stories (urban myth??) that one of these mines has a deep winze (shaft) which connects up with the lower level of the impossibly hard to explore Airthrey Copper Mine.
Its really short but feels much longer if it is your first mine.
Bear in mind that there has been a roof collapse so it is not entirely risk free.

The mine entrance is easily accessed - once you find it, from a piece of land sandwiched between the railway and the river. Its a short climb down a wee cliff.
Its so near the railway you can hear the rumble if a train goes past - spooky.

the entrance from the river

roof collapse and crawl

start of the flooded section

amazing colours in the water

the end

roof collapse on exit

Barytes / copper vein


river from the entrance

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