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Report - Altanet Technologies Ltd. - Huntingdonshire (Aug 15)


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We heard about the closure of Altanet Technologies Ltd a while ago now, they were a company who made Fibreglass and Carbon Fibre parts for military aircraft and Race Cars, despite the place looking rather sorry for its self, it was quite a cool explore. With the power being on it give us quite a broad opportunity Photographically speaking - one of the usual toils is lighting the scene to show it best, its great when its done for you... right? There was still a fair amount to see here, the Store rooms are still brimming with components and supplies, but not a lot else is left with a lot of rooms being completely trashed by the local 'Oiyks' i can only assume! i think the highlight for us was getting freaked out every 5 minutes as we could hear what could only sound like a Washing Machine, we put it down to a Fan with its bearings out or something, but as we made our way up to the higher level, there it was, a washing machine chugging away to its self.. must be one of the most random finds on an explore to date!


Altanet Technology Ltd is the highly acclaimed defence and communications arm of the Lola Group. Altanet was recently awarded the Silver Award by BAE Systems for its work on Talisman Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV). Altanet also produces the Sampson housing and associated radomes for the UK Royal Navy T45 destroyer, as well as various other airborne and maritime radomes, antennas, twisters, masts and polarisers for defence and commercial purposes. These structures can be found on Harrier, Hawk, Lynx, Sea King, EH101 and all other Royal Navy ships and Submarines. With a growing respect and recognition, Altanet continues to pioneer groundbreaking technology for leading defence and communications industries from around the world.





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Ive discovered a whole room of washing machines chugging away to themselves on an explore once.. Turned out the site was being used as a camp for polish builders and they were all out on a job!


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Always sad to see a manufacturing jig left like that, no doubt engineers spent months designing it...

Funny to see a washing machine running, good to see that they are ironing their shirts too!


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Nice, i like it.